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Online Business Development by Steve Magill

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  • Tired of spending money on advertising and marketing methods that show little to no profit?
  • Fed up of the constant calls from people offering “SEO” that takes forever to actually work?
  • Sick of hearing about your competition attracting customers online, while you can’t?
  • Constantly worrying about where your next customer or client is coming from?

Steve Magill | Listen up

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You may already have realised…..the Yellow Pages are all but DEAD!!
Your market isn’t searching for you in a phone book.  Almost everyone searches for what they are looking for on the internet these days.  1 billion searches per day! (1).

Steve Magill | Newspaper imageNewspapers are DYING a slow and painful death!
Newspaper circulation has declined over 7 million over the last few years…..down 18.7% just last year alone.  Meanwhile, unique online readers of newspapers are up 30 million. That’s bad news if you rely on newspapers to market your products and services in your local area.


Steve Magill | Traditional Marketing and Advertising are on thier last legs

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Steve Magill | So how do you find new customers, You Don't!


My name is Steve Magill and I live in Bridgend, South Wales (just outside Cardiff) After leaving the Royal Air Force, I set up my own offline business offering a local service to the motor trade. I built up a good and profitable business that still does well today. But over the years, I came up with ways to build even more business by using the immense force of the web. Eventually, I was spending more and more time helping local businesses and contacts grow their business by using my knowledge of the inner workings of the internet.

I have been working with businesses around the globe for the last 5 years. Helping these businesses make more money and get more clients to increase their profits, but now I plan on  working with more local businesses.

Below is a selection of photos  just to show you I’m a real person, just like YOU. I go on holiday, I like a night out and a few beers! I love spending time with my wife and Kids, but best of all I love getting e mails like the ones below telling me that business is great – Even in today’s economic climate.

If you think Steve Magill Online Business Development may be able to HELP YOU just add your details to the contact form at the bottom of this page, we can have a chat and decide if we think we can work well with each other.

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Steve Magill | Beacuase I want you to get to know me a little better and understand that I am not the Typical consultant

Steve Magill | So who am I?

Steve Magill | Simple, I'm the guy who makes your business more money

So how does Steve Magill make you more money? Well there are various methods that I have tested and discovered over the 5 years.  However, there is one method that makes all others pale in comparison.  In fact, I am loathe to even let businesses work with me unless we do this method first!

Steve Magill | so back to the question of how you find more customers, the secret is not to find more customers, it's to make it easier for them to find you!

Steve Magill | This is where Google Places comes in

Studies show that a business ranking the A spot in Google Places for their keyword is far more likely to receive qualified traffic than the business with a B spot ranking. More qualified traffic inevitably means more conversions which equals more profit!

Not many businesses realize that Google has changed it’s algorithm to focus on LOCAL businesses.  Google knows that when someone is typing in “Exeter Dentist” they are not interested in results from just anywhere. They want results from Exeter!

Google Places was born!

To give you a example of the power here, lets look at the national (UK) keyword “computers”.  ”Computers” is searched for over 9,140,000 (2) times each month.  It has over 332,000,000 (3) competing pages that you would have to beat to get to the 1st page of Google!  An SEO specialist would charge at least £300 – £400 per month and wouldn’t be able to show results for over 6 months AT LEAST!  Hopeless right?

You are forgetting about Google Places ;) .  It allows you to compete on a even playing field because you are a LOCAL business!

Steve Magill | Google Places Map Demo

With the creation of Google Places and the “local results” programing, Google has focused on giving Local Businesses like yours massive exposure and putting YOU in front of people that are searching for YOUR products and services.

Although Google Places has leveled the playing field, to get to the infamous A Spot usually takes some work.  That’s where Steve Magill comes in.

Anyone can create a Google Places Listing for their business.  It’s even free!  However, to optimize that listing and make sure it gets onto Page 1 of Google for the right keywords takes an expert touch.  Optimising, creating the right content, getting the right customer reviews, promoting to the correct local directories and finally positioning you and your company as the local expert in your field takes work.  It also takes time.

With over 5 years of experience my team and I are on the leading edge when it comes to Google Places.  We have NEVER failed to get a client onto Page 1 for their keyword and routinely knock out competing SEO firms trying to get their clients to the top spots in Google Places.  What these firms fail to realize is that this is a whole new type of optimising.  It is not a cut and paste science.  Google is constantly updating and changing it’s algorithm.  Our job is to meet those changes and keep our clients number 1.

In fact I am so confident in our services that we offer a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.  Although we can NEVER guarantee exactly how long it will take to rank your business’s Google Places listing, we guarantee that you will like the results we DO achieve in 30 days.

Steve Magill | 30 day Guarantee

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I also interview each business to make sure that I will be a good investment for you, and also to make sure I want to work with you.  If you want to see if you can partner with me and my team please fill out the contact form below.  If you and your business seem like a good fit I will PERSONALLY call you back to discuss how we can get started.  Each one of my clients gets my personal attention.

If you want to see your business get more customers and more phone calls then you have ever seen before, fill out the form below to get started.  I will answer your questions personally.

To your success,

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Business Development and Web Consultant

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